Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Body of Lies Second Trailer

Director Ridley Scott enlists Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe to star in Body of Lies, an upcoming thriller / spy movie set in the Middle East.

Here below Body of Lies trailer 2:

This latest Body of Lies trailer is much more appealing than the previous one. Now I want to see Body of Lies as much for the plot itself than for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Besides Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe make an explosive duo!


Mehrnoush said...

Hi There, this is Mehrnoush from BBC World Service, Persian Section. we have special interest in this movie due to appearance of a famous Iranian actress in it. Just yesterday She has been denied permission to leave Iran by the authorities. I wonder whether this is an official site and could you help me get connected to the agent? I am looking to interview some on involved in the production about the movie and her role in it.

Mehrnoush Pourziaiee